Montag, Januar 22, 2007

Making a corset Part 1: Ordering Notions

With the help of a fellow sewer, I'll be making a victorian corset.

The pattern for the doré or the silverado is by Laughing moon a company specialised on authentical past patterns.

I'll be making the silverado.

Sew 'n Sushi have a great German tutorial for making corsets, so I will follow that one :)

Today I ordered spiral steel boning. Kerstin ( Sew ) told me, that I might need around 8 meter of the 7 mm wide steel boning but I still have 2 meter of the 11 mm wide boning, so I will use that for the back and side boning.

Then you need a busk. Mine is 32 cm long.

I'm going to lace the corset in the back, so I will need grommets and something to lace ( for which I'm desperate seeking for the English word...).

Beside that you need:

crossgrain ribbon 1.5 cm wide for the channeling

crossgrain ribbon 3 cm wide for the waist stay

firm fabric like denim or drell

maybe a fancy fabric for the outer shell

I still have this fabric

from our second PR weekend in Copenhagen in 2005, so to reduce my stash, this will be my outer shell fabric :)
Next step will be tracing the pattern and cutting a muslin, which is essential with corsets.


Marietta hat gesagt…

i have made this corset before and laughin moon patterns are (i think) well written)- and i prefer spiral steel boning too :) a little more flexible then regualr steel boning as well as holds it shape better (if that makes any sense at all) and i will take you up on that tag!

madhatter hat gesagt…

die lm-schnitte fallen etwas "größer" aus. steht aber, glaub ich, auf dem schnitt auch mit drauf.
(aber wem sag ich das eigentlich? du wirst ja eh ein probemodell machen.)

der stoff ist genial! wird´s ein korsett für "drüber" oder für "drunter"?

Summerset hat gesagt…

Hmm. Sometimes it is called "corset lacing", some people use ribbon or rattail cord, but those can be pretty slippery. Other people use a cotton type of monk's cord (two strands twisted together is known as monk's cord). I think the proper type of stuff for lacing the corset won't stretch - might be a bad thing if you thought you had it laced tight and it stretched out.

Good luck - I'm interested in how this turns out!

Mary Beth hat gesagt…

And so it begins.... Yay!

Marita hat gesagt…

Tini, good luck!!! Your outer fabric is really pretty:-)